With the start of a new year, make it a resolution to get vaccinated this year. Vaccinations are a key way to protect yourself and your loved ones. As of January 1, our pharmacy is now able to offer publicly funded pneumonia shots and pertussis vaccinations for select people. Pneumonia vaccine is offered to those 65 and older who qualify. Pertussis vaccine is offered for ALL women who are pregnant (ideally during 27-32 weeks of gestation, but can be offered anytime in pregnancy after 13 weeks of gestation). Book your appointment with us at Two Pharmacy today to get vaccinated. Our pharmacists can sit down with you and make a plan of necessary vaccinations for you. Are you travelling this winter or spring? Be sure to book your travel consult with us so we can review your itinerary, check for needed vaccinations, prescribe medications for your trip and suggest useful products and ideas to ensure your vacation is safe and healthy. Make it a resolution to keep healthy this year! Get vaccinated today!