Compliance Packaging

No matter how effective a medication may be, it will be of little use if it’s not taken or administered properly. Medication management – getting the right drug, to the right patient, in the right dosage at the right time is one of the most challenging areas of healthcare management. Two Pharmacy specializes in medication delivery systems and are committed to eliminating the opportunity for medication errors. Our systems help ensure that people receiving or self administering their medications get the right drug at the right time – whether they are at home or in a care setting.

The Pharmacy Pill Pak System is ideal for customers who have difficulty with medication compliance. Two Pharmacy prepares each Pill Pak blister to contain all the oral solid mediations for each major medication administration time of the day. The secure Pill Pak card promotes independent living and our compliance packaging technician Yvonne Messum works hand in hand with your physician to ensure all changes in medication profiles are performed in a timely, accurate manner. For more information or to enroll in the CP program please contact Yvonne or any of our pharmacists.

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