“Through these doors walk the finest people.” It’s the slogan on the door and once opened, it rings true. It might be the sea of friendly faces, some clad in white coats dispensing pills from behind the counter – including pharmacist/owners Ian Kruger and Kelly Kimmett. It might be the range of shoppers ¬–some with health ailments, some with dietary restrictions and others with a passion for all things natural. And these days, it could be Reid Kimmett, operations manager stocking shelves with 1500 new items added to the now list of 21,000 food, drug, retail, holistic and natural health items that blanket the shelves in their newly completed renovation – which has doubled their store capacity to 8,000 from 4,000 sq/ft. Some of these shoppers the Kimmetts started serving back in 1989 when the first version of the store was opened up by the local legacy family. Others are new to town and are able to breathe a sigh of relief to discover that what appears to be a pharmacy is actually a one-stop-shop for all things related to drug, food, retail and otherwise. It’s double the size, with even more offerings than ever before – including TK  Ranch grass-fed meat, gluten free bread, free range organic eggs and Kombucha lining their new freezers and coolers, the new artisan space ‘Cochrane Corner’ showcasing local artists and their wares or the expanded natural cosmetic and skincare department . Whatever draws you into the store, it’s the feeling that you’re always welcomed, never rushed, that brings you back each time. “It’s our second family right here in the store … we’re really lucky,” said Kelly, discussing the many evolutions of the store and some of the longtime staffers, like Jean, Pat and Dreva who have worked alongside the Kimmetts for some 30 years. “For my mom and dad, this store is the culmination of 30 years,” said Reid. “For me, it’s 30 years of looking up to and learning from them.” With Ian and Mia Kruger in partnership with the Kimmetts since 2002, the two families have been able to move, expand and build upon the store concept that is rooted in giving back in a big way. It was two years ago that TWO Pharmacy rebranded and launched from its former moniker of Grand Avenue, donating a portion of the dollars spent in the store to the WE Charity to help major humanitarian projects around the globe through its mantra “health for you, health for another.” All of this in addition to supporting hundreds of local clubs, community events, charitable projects, schools, and fundraisers. And it’s exactly how Lindsay would have wanted it – the late daughter and inspiration for the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation, which has raised millions for charity. “It’s just who we are. It’s local. We’re just a part of the town’s fabric … I hope,” smiled Dianne Kimmett.  For those with mobility concerns, the Home Health Care centre is now conveniently located inside the store, completed with expanded, ample parking at their #105-100 Grand Blvd location. To learn more about the various services TWO Pharmacy has to offer, including their Travel Clinic, Sports Medicine and Natural Element Clinics, visit twopharmacy.ca.