Canadian consumers are becoming more aware of how different household products can affect their health and the environment. They want to choose products that are both effective and environmentally friendly. The amount of cleaning products available continues to grow. Having lots of options is wonderful however it can make it difficult to distinguish which products are truly eco-friendly. It’s important to read labels on cleaning products just as you would with your food or cosmetics. “Natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it is non-toxic. There are many natural ingredients that can still cause skin or lung irritations. Look for ingredients that are simple and easy to read. Watch out for labels that say “antibacterial” which can mean that they contain ingredients that are toxic for human health and the environment. Since most of us aren’t chemists, we can also look for third party certified products that have “eco-labels”, when we are out shopping for cleaning products. Look for labels like EcoLogo, Green Seal Certifed and Certified B Corporation. This means that the products have been tested and meet a set of criteria for transparency, environmental performance and sustainability. It possible to clean your house without risking your health or harming the environment. It just takes a few moments to read the ingredient list and identify “eco-labels”. Start your natural spring cleaning with a visit to TWO Natural Market’s cleaning department.