Seeking Longer Lashes? 

Have Sparse Eye Brows?

As we age, the ends of our eyebrows tend to diminish and become sparse.  Some of us have short or sparse eyelashes as well.  

We have a solution!  We now have the ability to grow our own!  Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum or a brow pomade to nourish and define by PLUME!  Plume uses natural ingredients to grow and thicken your eyelashes and brows.

The lash and brow enhancing serum is used for both eyebrows and eyelashes, while the brow pomade is for brows only in a color match.  We currently stock two colors of the brow pomade. Ashy Daybreak and Chestnut Decadence to nourish and grow into beautiful full brows.

Plume is made with love from Calgary, AB

Visit our Cosmetic Kiosk and one of our friendly knowledgeable staff can help you!