Colour Energy

       ~For Body and Soul

Inger Naess, founder of Colour Energy Aromatherapy, a Canadian company from Vancouver, was a former kindergarten teacher from Norway.  She studied colour in depth and discovered how colour affects people, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Did you know that colour is energy and each colour of the rainbow has a different frequency, vibration and power, which reach you through light rays? Light stimulates our body’s endocrine system, which is connected to our energy centres, called chakras.  All organs, body systems and functions are also connected to these energy centres.  Light consists of the seven major colour energies red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.  We can strengthen our energy centres through the conscious use of colour! We have a beautiful array of colour coded chakra blends to goose from!

Two Pharmacy now carries an abundance of Colour Energy. Colour baths available in both individual and spa kits, Alchemy Spiritual Sprays including white light and aura cleansing and chakra soaps which contains a colour coded gemstone.  Vibrational Essence Sprays of both Unconditional Love and Guardian Angel, both a wonderful addition for any purse!

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~ Experience 100% Pure Essential Oils Colour Your Mood Body blend in a base of Organic Jojoba.

For those, just wanting to a sample size, therapeutic blends are available in a 1ml vial, as well as our fun Canadian Aromatherapy Blends. Traveling and searching for something fun to bring back as a souvenir?  Our Canadian Aromatherapy blends will surely make a unique gift.