Cochrane QUITS  part 3

Last week we looked at the body changes that occur after smoking your last cigarette. But how do we get to that LAST one?  There are 5 stages of change which are listed below along with a brief “telling attitude” that defines each stage. Where are you?

  • Precontemplation – “Unaware and unimpressed.”
  • Contemplation – “Yes, but…”
  • Preparation – “Ready to try.”
  • Action – “Doing it!”
  • Maintenance – “Staying on track.”

At our smoking cessation clinic on Saturday, June 15 we will determine your stage of readiness by asking three simple questions:

  1. Do you smoke?
  2. Have you ever considered quitting?
  3. I s now a good time to quit?

After completion of a state of change assessment we will be able to determine appropriate intervention strategies. Next week we will examine various methods to aid in the quitting process.

Please mark June 15 (1 pm at the Lions Event Centre) on your calendar, register at the store, on our website events page (, or on our Facebook page. There will be a keynote presentation by Las Hagen, Executive Director of Alberta Action on Smoking & Health, free samples of nicotine replacement products, mass cessation clinic, and one person in attendance will be flying anywhere in continental North America just for attending! Full packs of tonacco turned in for discussion will receive extra entries for the flight package. Together all of Cochrane can move to the “action” step in the coming weeks!