Clinical Services

TWO Pharmacy Clinical Services

Two Pharmacy has two prescribing pharmacists, a clinical phramacist, travel clinic specialist, and three pharmacists who perform injections and vaccinations. Our clinical offices provide privacy to our clients for medication reviews, travel consults, stop smoking programs, injections, or for those who simply need a place to talk about their health. All of the following services are available to clients possessing a valid Alberta Health Care card and qualify under parameters determined by Alberta Health Services.

  • Comprehensive Annual Care Plan (CACP) – created by our pharmacists and patients who have complex health needs such as a chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, COPD, asthma, heart failure, ischemic heart disease, or mental health problems) with or without risk factors such as tobacco use, obesity, or addiction. This plan will provide medication therapy goals, monitor progress, and provide physicians with valuable information to improve patient health. Follow-up appointments are also covered if they are deemed necessary
  • Standard Medication Management Assessment (SMMA) – similar to the CACP for patients who do not have complex health needs but have at least one chronic condition and are taking 4 or more prescription drugs. This plan will help pharmacists and patients set medication goals, monitor and manage drug therapies, and help Albertans better manage their medical conditions.
  • Patient assessment for prescription renewals, prescription adaptations, and medication-related emergencies – these tools allow our pharmacists to provide access to primary health care easier and more efficient.
  • Stop smoking consultations and programs
  • Injections and vaccinations ( some may not be covered through AHS).
  • Diabetic consults and training.

Drop into Two Pharmacy, call us at 403-932-2500, or book online in “appointments section” to obtain any of these health services – our first commitment is always to your good health.