Store Owners

Ian & Mia Kruger – Ian is our main pharmacist and has been serving the Cochrane and area market since 2002. He is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan and spent time in various locations including Nunavut before settling in Cochrane. Ian has completed the ACP prescribing course, is a certified compounding pharmacist, compression hosiery fitter, sports medicine fitter,ostomy fitter, and can perform injections and CPR. He has also taken the travel clinic course.Ian has been voted as Best of Cochrane’s favourite pharmacist for all three years the program has been running (2013-2015)! His wife Mia is also an active participant in the store as a compounding technician and setting up weekly flyer promotions.

Dianne & Kelly Kimmett – The Kimmetts have lived in Cochrane since 1986 and their first pharmacy in town was opened in 1989. Since then they have seen an entire generation pass through the store! Kelly works part time in the pharmacy and is involved in store promotions, staffing, and front store ordering. He is a certified fitter for compression stockings and ostomy accessories. Dianne is responsible for the incredible gift section you will find at the store and keeps busy with store bookeeping.

Reid Kimmett, Operations Manager

After graduating from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School Of Business in 2009 and spending 3 years working in Vancouver, B.C. Reid has returned to his home and his roots. As a child he helped Mom and Dad at the store by testing toys, breaking boxes, using the price gun, and testing the safety of the penny candy. Now he returns to learn from his Dad and help shape the community as Kelly has for the past 25 years. Reid brings a wealth of new ideas and technological innovations to the store operation along with great techniques to make an outstanding staff even better.

Shiv Nijjar, Clinical Pharmacist, Travel Clinician

Shiv joined Grand Avenue Pharmacy in the summer of 2014 after doing an internship as a pharmacy student with Ian and Kelly at Mainstreet Pharmacy in 2009. He is our clinical pharmacist who performs med reviews both in the store and at client residences. The following is a description of some of the services Shiv provides at Grand Avenue Pharmacy.
Pharmacist prescribing is just one of the clinical services that pharmacists can offer to help ease the burden off the busy healthcare system. At Grand Avenue Pharmacy we have 2 pharmacists certified to prescribe – Shiv Nijjar and Ian Kruger. It is important to remember that this prescribing does not replace your need to see your doctor for regular checkups. At our pharmacy we prescribe within our scope of practice and for minor ailments. These minor ailments include allergies, cold sores, minor headache, dermatitis, acne, insect bites, oral thrush and many more. We offer assessments where you can sit down with our pharmacists to determine your needs, and if necessary a prescription will be issued to you. So next time rather than wait weeks to see your physician, book an appointment with your Grand Avenue clinical pharmacist and see if you are eligible for a prescription from them! Please note pharmacists are not authorized to prescribe narcotics or controlled substances.

Travel is a lot of fun and can lead to a lifetime of memories for you and your family. However, did you know that travel related illnesses are common? Most travellers do no seek medical advice before travel and as a result end up contracting illnesses like yellow fever, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid, travellers’ diarrhea, and many more. We offer a full range of vaccination services (including yellow fever), prescriptions and health advice for all of your travel needs to help keep you and your family safe. Our travel medicine consultant – Shiv Nijjar has obtained his certificate in travel health and has received international recognition by the ISTM (international society of travel medicine). Rest assured we will offer the best health advice for all of your travel needs. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment at Grand Avenue Travel Clinic before your travels and keep your family safe! As many vaccinations need to be done long before you travel now is the time to book your consultation.

Yvonne Messum, Pharmacy Technician

Yvonne has also worked in Cochrane pharmacies for over 13 years and her speciality is compliance packaging. She is also our delivery person and many of our customers enjoy her company as much as her service! She is also a certified fitter for compression hosiery.

Pharmacy Technicians

Paula, Rose, Yvonne, Heather, Lindsay (missing is Gayle)
Our pharmacy technicians are highly skilled and perform many critical functions in the dispensary and services to our customers including:
• prescription filling
• specialty compounding
• compliance packaging
• third party billing
• appointment scheduling
• ordering
• ostomy, catheter, and specialized dressings information and advice
• graduated compression hosiery fittings

Natural Health

Nicole, Anastasia, Dr. Greg, Karen (missing is Nicki)
Since the purchase of The Healthy Hut in the spring of 2014 Grand Avenue Pharmacy has taken great strides in becoming a fully integrated holistic pharmacy. Our staff includes 2 Registered Holistic Nutritionists, a Certified Chartered Herbalist, and 4 natural health consultants who can offer advice regarding supplements and diet. Naturopathic Doctor Greg Sikorski operates The Natural Element clinic in Grand Avenue Pharmacy and is available for appointments by calling 403-981-2505. With a complete selection of organic vitamins, supplements, and food Grand Avenue Pharmacy brings the traditional drug store and natural health store under one roof.


Ever wonder how all that merchandise gets into the right place and fits into place? These ladies keep our shelves full and neatly organized by getting orders to our suppliers, receiving those items in the back room, and then displaying the merchandise on our shelves. They set up promotions and sales, are skilled fitters of sports medicine braces and compression stockings, and look after our home health department after hours.

Pepita Wilson-Gicuhi, Registered Nurse

Pepita Wilson-Gicuhi brings many years of experience as “The Cochrane Foot Care Nurse” to Grand Avenue Pharmacy. In her tranquil treatment room located in the pharmacy service area you can sit back and relax as you receive a foot assessment,care, and education from Pepita. She offers treatment for painful feet, nail disorders, ingrown toenails, cracked heels,calluses, corns, hammer toes, bunions, and diabetic complications. Pepita also is available for reflexology and ionic detox treatments and books by appointment. She is also pleased to provide Cochrane with incredible new technologies utilizing her powerful microscope to analyze blood and do blood typing.

Jodi Makkreel Pharmacist

Jodi joined the operation as a staff pharmacist at Mainstreet Pharmacy early in 2010 and continues at Grand Avenue Pharmacy in the same role.

She brings 10 years service in the Cochrane market and enjoys counseling Grand Avenue Pharmacy’s many customers. Jodi administers injections and is completing her extra prescribing course.

She is available for private consultations, med reviews, and smoking cessation programs.

25+ Year Employees

Jean Mitchell, Dreva Arndt, Pat Johnston, Kelly Kimmett, Dianne Kimmett
In 1989 a young couple purchased Cochrane Drugs and Graham’s Pharmacy and opened on July 2 in the professional building on Main Street. Dianne and Kelly Kimmett had a staff of 4 which included Dreva and Jean. They were joined by Pat in 1990 and the five have been together ever since. In 2014 they celebrated 25 years of serving Cochrane and area and the four ladies went on a memorable reward trip to Las Vegas! Kelly had to work!!!! The Kimmett’s owe much of their success to these three incredible ladies!

Customer Service

Christa, Adriana, Jean, Linda, Rose, Pat (missing are Erin and Charlotte)
The first and last faces customers see at Grand Avenue are our customer service department who always greet our customers with a smile, provide efficient friendly service, and get you on your way. One of our mottos is “Be the reason someone smiled today” and our fantastic front of shop employees have been treating customers “right” for over 25 years. If you need help finding an item or a recommendation for a gift idea these ladies know their stuff!

Ed Gherasim, Home Healthcare manager

Ed Gherasim, Home Healthcare manager joined the team in July of 2011 and is available for sales, consulting, repairs, and installation of home healthcare equipment. His department also carries a huge selection of rental equipment to help keep you mobile and independent. Our Home Healthcare department is also a Vitalaire oxygen depot.

Call him on his direct line 403-932-6246.

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