Travel is a lot of fun and can lead to a lifetime of memories for you and your family. However, did you know that travel related illnesses are common? Most travellers do no seek medical advice before travel and as a result end up contracting illnesses like yellow fever, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, typhoid, travellers’ diarrhea, and many more. Grand Avenue Travel Clinic offers a full range of vaccination services (including yellow fever), prescriptions travel related merchandise, and health advice for all of your travel needs to help keep you and your family safe. Our travel medicine consultant – Shiv Nijjar has obtained his certificate in travel health and has received international recognition by the ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine). Rest assured we will offer the best health advice for all of your travel needs. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment before your travels and keep your family safe! As many vaccinations need to be done long before you travel now is the time to book your consultation as soon as possible by calling 403-932-2500.


Assessment and Administration of Medications by Injection Grand Avenue pharmacists Shiv Nijjar, Jodi Makkreel and Ian Kruger provide vaccinations and injections for any Albertan with a valid Alberta Healthcare number including the flu vaccine and any drug on the Alberta Drug Benefit List. Injections for medications not covered are also provided at a nominal cost.

Flu Clinics

  • By appointment and walk-in commencing second last Tuesday in October
  • Book your appointment at 403-932-2500
  • Walk ins taken but may require wait
  • Intranasal vaccine

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